Monday, October 6, 2014

......and then he said "This Art Stinks...."

I actually heard someone say "This art stinks", as I was walking around an art fair once! My first reaction was to think, what kind of a person would actually say that out loud?  Some people......

Now this happened a long time ago, but it always bothered me. My best rational was to simply consider this guy's comment rude and ignorant, and put it down to buffoonery.

However, as I get older, I try harder to find the positive in things whenever I can. So I got to thinking.....

Smell is our most powerful sense in terms of instant memory recall. A simple whiff of a fragrance can instantly make you remember someone from many years past. The smell of freshly turned earth might make you think about the time when you were a kid and you spent the summer on a farm. Maybe the smell of cotton candy takes you back to spending time at the fair when you were a kid. Smell is incredible in its ability to transport us back in time. Sometimes even back to our very earliest childhood memories.

Smell does the same thing that I attempt to do with my art. I try to create works that whisk you back to another wonderful time or place in your life.

Maybe if you were to look at something like "Four Fishermen" and it might make you think about sitting and talking with someone special, all night long, under the moon light, while listening to the melody of the waves gently lapping on the shore. The things you both talked about. The secrets shared that night....

Or maybe "White Rose" makes you remember how your grandmother loved to spend so much time in her garden tending her beautiful flowers. They were so important to her and she was always proud to cut one off for you to take home......

These are powerful and incredibly important connections in our lives that we need to hold on to. I have long believed that when we recognize these connections, we understand the the importance of art in our lives.This is nothing new. It goes all the way back to the drawings on cave walls thousands of years ago. It was their way of saying "I was here and this is what my life was about...."

I believe as a species, we subconsciously know that we need to preserve this thread of connection.
There are so many memories that can be treasured and relived with just a glance, or the gentle waft of an aroma so long missed.

If art is in the eye of the beholder, does that mean smell is in the nose of the beholder?

So, maybe my art stinks too. If it means that my work has added to someone's life by establishing a lasting connection between the past and the present. If so, I guess that's not so bad....

Maybe the guy who made that comment so long ago was really just paying a
compliment to the artist after all. Nah... he was just being a jerk!

I would be very interested to hear what my art does for you. How does it connect with you?

Did You Get Your Catalog Yet?

I have noticed that many people have downloaded the new 100 page catalog that contains over 200 of my works in it. For those that have gone through it, I would love to know if having all the pricing and sizes in it is helpful. Or, is there some way I can make it better? Please let me know.

Also, please feel to share it with anyone who might also enjoy going through it.

For those that have not had a chance to download it yet, you can do so by clicking the link below.

That's all for now folks. Call or drop in at any time and let me help you make a connection!

Most sincerely,



The Kenneth Lane Smith Gallery
Jordan Village, ON


Download our new 100 page catalog containing over 200 limited edition, fine art photographic artworks on canvas

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gallery News - December Edition


In This Edition:

*How to Select The Right Gift of Art......
*UPS Shipping Reminder
*Santa Visits Jordan Village
*And Finally.......

How to Select The Right Gift of Art for a Loved One, Friend, or Colleague:

I encounter this question on a regular basis in the gallery. How do you know which is the right piece of art for someone else?

I have learned over the years that people purchase my art because they feel a personal connection with a piece. This connection is incredibly strong and when it is discovered, it can be quite an emotional experience. If you look around your own home or office, I think you will find that the art on your walls represents the things that are important to you in your life.

You might be thinking, "That's fine, I know what I like, but how do I know what someone else likes?"

Let's look at that "personal connection" I mentioned.

I believe that the connection someone makes with my art is very simple. The art transports them to a time or place in their past that makes them feel good, or it takes them to a time or place in their life where they would like to be.

Let's take "Dock of the Bay" for example.

The inspiration for this piece came from the time I spent as a child at our family holiday trailer in cottage country north of Toronto where we spent our summers. Many clients have told me that they experienced similar memories of being at the dock, swimming in the lake, or out in an old wooden rowboat fishing with Dad. In my case, these memories beckon back to a simpler time in my life, and I know the reason that this piece has been so well received, is that those same wonderful memories come flooding back for others as well.

Another example might be "Daydreamers".


The peace and solitude of sitting on a warm Caribbean beach watching the clear blue waters at your feet, can certainly bring back memories of wonderful vacations, or, maybe it could be the inspiration to experience sitting on a white sand beach in the future!

Many of my bird images such as "It's My Nut!" are also wonderful reminders of loved ones who enjoy feeding and watching beautiful and colorful song birds outside their window.


Do Mom and Dad spend their winters in the south?

Maybe something like "Silent Night" to either remind them of home up north, or remind them why they wanted to get away during the winter in the first place!

So, ask yourself, what is it that puts a smile on that special person's face? Reminiscing of times past, or dreaming of their future? This can be the key to finding the right piece for the right person. There is nothing complicated about my works. They are simple reminders of those moments of peace and enjoyment in life, and I now have over 200 to choose from in the gallery and on the website.

I have been helping clients select the right piece for loved ones for many years now and I know I can assist you too. Visit or call me at the gallery and I will be happy to help you select the perfect piece. Additionally, as an option, you could purchase one of our Gift Certificates in any amount and let them choose for themselves if you like!

My works of art provide a tranquil escape from the calamity and chaos of our very busy and hectic lives. So please consider giving the gift of calm!


Standard UPS Shipping Dates Reminder:


Santa Visits Jordan Village:

We had a wonderful time last weekend in our new "Christmas in Jordan Village" event. The weather however did not really co-operate. To say it was blustery, would be a gross understatement! Both Santa and the kiddies soldiered on however as they battled the 50 Kph winds creating a -16 degree wind chill during the candle light stroll and tree lighting!

Here are a couple of pictures with the "Guest of Honor"trying to keep his cap from blowing away, and seated in front of out 15 foot tree! I'm sure he was thinking, "Would you please hurry up and take this picture!"


And Finally, Thank You!......

As the year winds down, I have to say thank you to everyone who has supported us, not only with new art purchases, but also with sincere best wishes as we completed the final transition from the previous Niagara-on-the-Lake gallery to our new location here in Jordan Village. We have had a fantastic year and I owe it all to you! As the popularity of my works grow, we are seeing more and more "family and friends of friends" who are coming in because the gallery was recommended to them by our clients and I really appreciate that!

Please accept my sincerest best wishes to you, and your loved ones for a safe, and happy holiday season!

Until next time and most sincerely,



The Kenneth Lane Smith Gallery
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Gallery News - November Edition

In This Edition:

*Here and There......
*My Magnum Opus
*Christmas in the Village
*My Art in the Real World
*Dare I Mention it?
*And Finally....

Here and There:

As many of our long standing clients know, Joyce and I usually take about 5 days during the first week of November to "refresh & recharge" after the long Spring-Summer season. As we have done numerous times in the past, we are headed to the Bahamas, which we find a very relaxing way to spend a few days off before getting back to the busy Fall season.

So, while I will not be here, the gallery will remain open during our absence with Lil taking the first days (Mon-Thurs) and Al at the helm on Friday. Regular gallery hours of 10:00 - 5:00 will be maintained. I will be back in the gallery on Saturday November 9th.

I will however be in the gallery this weekend Friday November 1st through Sunday November 3rd from 10:00 - 5:00 PM to answer any calls, questions or assist you in any way before I depart.

Oh, and just in case you think it will be total get away for me, I will have my gear with me- "just in case" an opportunity presents itself. Experience has taught me -- ".....the things you see when you DON'T have your camera...."

My Magnum Opus:

Magnum opus, from the Latin, meaning "great work", refers to the largest, and perhaps the best, greatest, most popular, or most renowned achievement of an artist.

I suppose you could say that I began my career by taking my very first photograph approximately 53 years ago. Okay, I was only 5 years old, but you have to start somewhere right?

Over the years I feel confident that I have become better and better at my craft.  However, in every artist's life there (hopefully) comes a time when you can stand back and say "I did it",  "I have created the masterwork of my career" and be not only proud, but more importantly, be satisfied. I now feel that I have achieved that with my latest work, "Fairy Tale Falls"

We recently returned from a short excursion through Watkins Glen State Park in New York where I experienced the best photographic conditions I have ever witnessed. I came away cold, wet and absolutely blown away with what transpired that day. The result is what you see here - "Fairy Tale Falls", which I consider my Magnum opus!

This , my latest work of art, is available in four sizes ranging from 12 x 20 inches, and all the way up to 30 x 50 inches. There will be a total of only 100 signed and numbered canvases produced for the entire edition. If you want to own this very special piece as a part of your collection, please call me at 905-562-0068, or toll-free 866-211-9799 for more details.

Christmas in the Village:

I have been working with a number of Jordan Village Merchants to bring the spirit of Christmas to our quaint little village. We have come up with a number of Christmas themed events such as horse & carriage rides, Christmas concert, tree lighting ceremony, candle light stroll and of course a visit from the big guy himself, Santa.

If you are in the area during the Friday November 22nd to Sunday November 24th event, please drop by and say hello!

My Art in the Real World:

Tom and Shirley, shared a picture of another brand new release which now hangs in their home in Michigan, USA. This piece has set a new personal record for me, and here's why. I have had situations where I placed a brand new release on the gallery wall and sold the very first set in as little as 3 hours after hanging them - WOW does that ever feel good! However in this case, the very first canvas was purchased even before I had printed one!

I recently installed a 55 inch flat screen TV in the gallery to electronically display the hundreds of unreleased, but not yet printed, images for clients searching for something that is not on the gallery walls. This has been quite a success because as soon as Tom and Shirley saw the piece on the screen, they immediately knew that this was the perfect piece for them. I was able to quickly mock-up a very accurate rendering on the big screen of what this piece would look like in their choice of frame and thankfully, they had the faith and trust in me to go ahead and order it for their home. I can't tell you how good that makes me feel!

So without further ado, here is "Harvest Vineyard" as it hangs in their home.

Thank you so much Tom and Shirley both for your order, and for the confidence you have shown in my work!

Dare I Mention It?

I know you are probably still trying to "dispose" of all of that leftover Halloween candy and dare I say it, Christmas is still almost 8 weeks away. But it is coming....

Every year we are faced with the dilemma/stress/panic and concern, when it comes to producing and shipping Christmas orders in time for the big day. We have learned through years of experience that if there is ever going to be a frame that will be out of stock, a tie up with international and out-of province shipping, or any number of things that can, and do, go wrong, it is going to happen at the worst possible time - and that is usually between now and Christmas!

So, if you are considering giving one of my pieces as a Christmas gift to a friend or loved one this year, please, please, please  let me know sooner rather than later if possible. That way you, and I can be assured that you will have the best selection and most importantly, it will arrive on time. Hey, less stress is good for all of us, right?

And Finally....:

As I send out this November email edition of our Gallery News, I am reminded that it has now been one full year (as of November 6th, 2012) since we closed the Niagara-on-the-Lake gallery and rolled all of our operations into the new Jordan Village location. The year has gone by quickly and it has been a very good one for us. I am constantly asked if this was a wise move relocating from the extremely busy Niagara-on-the-Lake location where I would sometime get as many as 1000 people a day through the gallery. The answer is a resounding YES, YES, YES! It is probably the best move I have ever made.

Even though we see less than 5% of the traffic we had in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we are much better off here when all factors are taken into consideration. One of the greatest benefits for me, is that I can finally give you, my client, the time and attention you deserve without being constantly distracted by crowds of hundreds of people. I call this "Adult Time" where I can answer your questions, show you custom framing options and where we can get to know one another. It was not always so in the previous gallery where there were days when it was absolute chaos. Thank you for your patience in the past!

I will forever be grateful for the fact that you choose to make my work a part of your home, your family and your life.

Until next time and most sincerely,


The Kenneth Lane Smith Gallery
Jordan Village, ON -905-562-0068
Toll-Free 1-866-211-9799
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gallery News - October Edition


In This Edition:

* New Releases
* My Art in the Real World
* Problem Solved!
* Go Sip Girls!
* Do You FaceBook?

New Releases:

Last month I introduced 10 new panoramas in two sizes, 30 x 7 inches and 40 x 10 inches.
This month, I have two new pieces to tell you about. These are available in the same sizes and frames as the pieces I talked about last month, but this time, instead of being wide panoramas, these are tall!

I think these will work very well in those awkward spots where your need a little something to work over a chair, table, or a narrow section of wall.

Introducing "Flow & Flora" and "Points of Interest". Both of these pieces are from my last excursion to New Zealand in 2011

These are of course available in both sizes, framed or canvas only. These hand signed and numbered canvases are strictly limited to a total of only 100 canvases.

Release Pricing is as follows:
7 x 30 Canvas Only: $425
10 x 40 Canvas Only: $725
7 x 30 Framed: $600
10 x 40 Framed: $1100

For more information, drop into the gallery, or call me at 905-562-0068, or toll-free at 1-866-211-9799

My Art in the Real World:

Once again, one of our great clients sent me a photo of "My art in their world".
Ken and Sandy bought their first piece, "Dock of the Bay" from the gallery when we were on Queen Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake in 2011. Since then they have come back, again, and again, and again. This year they purchased their 4th and 5th pieces for their home!

This time they purchased the 24 x 36 inch size of "This is the Place", and the 38 x 18 inch "Brickwork" which we also custom framed both pieces for them. They were also kind enough to share a couple of pictures of what these new pieces look like in their  home. I especially love how "Brickwork" works so well over the piano!  Well done indeed!


I can't tell you how proud it makes me feel to know that my art is such a large part of your home Ken and Sandy!

If you have a picture of my art in your home that you would like to share, we would love to receive it!

Problem Solved!:

Over the years I have heard from clients that they love my art, and the way it is displayed in the gallery, but they just do not have track lighting in their homes and illuminating a piece on the wall can be difficult. I certainly understand.

My works do not need a lot of additional light for the dynamic and dimensional quality to show through, but certainly additional lighting can help sometimes. So, I now have a very simple and inexpensive solution for you.

The portable light shown here should be just the ticket! I specifically looked for a product that should be available anywhere in North America, and I wanted it to be affordable. I found what I think is a great solution. It is a swivel mounted light that uses a standard halogen light bulb, plugs into a wall socket and also has an ON-OFF switch. The light can be placed on a piece of furniture, or even the floor and directed towards your art. (This light seems to operate at a reasonable temperature, but please make sure it isn't too close or touching anything flammable as you would any light fixture)
I have paired it with a 50 watt halogen bulb which is the same as we use in the gallery which should do a great job in your home.

So, where can you buy this? It is available at Home Depot and it is a standard stock item apparently. I paid $14.99 (reg price) for this, plus the light bulb. The light fixture is made by Hampton Bay and carries product number 412 652

Go Sip Girls:

It is that time again girls! We will once again be hosting the "Ladies Only" evening of wine, nibblies and shopping here in the village. The event was so successful last time that we have extended the hours to 5:30 until 10:00 PM. Some of the shops in the village are even bringing in special attractions for you. Sorry, I can't spoil the surprise, but it promises to be another wonderful evening!

The event is on Thursday October 24th and tickets which are $30 each can be ordered by calling 905-562-3581 ext 302, or you can email Tickets are limited, so don't delay, call today!

Do You FaceBook?:

I know I'm showing my age, but if someone asked you 20, 30 , 40 years ago, "Do You FaceBook?" I think you 'd look at them sideways. What the heck are they talking about? How the world has changed! Of course we all know what it means today:-)

As the social networking site continues to grow, I am discovering that more and more of our clients are on FaceBook now and I want to extend an invitation to everyone to join us there where we try to share all the comings and goings of the gallery, and hopefully you will find it interesting enough to share with your FaceBook friends.

Just in case you are new to FaceBook, just click  HERE to visit our page and then click on the LIKE button:

Well I think that is about it for now. We have other outstanding new pieces on display that I haven't even mentioned yet, and I'd love to see you pop in for a viewing. If you cannot make it in to the gallery, just let me know and I'll do whatever I can to help you!

Most sincerely,


The Kenneth Lane Smith Gallery
Jordan Village, ON -905-562-0068
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Gallery News - September Edition

In This Edition:

* What's New in the Gallery
* Ten NEW Panoramas Released!
* Art in the Real World
* Introducing "January Thaw"
* Planning Our Next Adventure.......

What's New in the Gallery:

Where on earth did the Summer go? No sooner did it arrive and now the kids are back to school already!

It has been a busy season here in Jordan Village which has just re-affirmed our decision to move all gallery operations here as the right choice at the right time for us. While we do not get the volume of crowds here that we were used to in Niagara-on-the-Lake, I can now give our clients the time and attention you deserve. This is good - this is very good!

Even though this gallery is considerably larger, we still never have enough space to display everything we want to. A huge improvement that we made this summer was to install a 55 inch flat screen TV in front of my desk.

This allows us to display even more works on a rotating basis, plus we can run movies of yours truly working in the field. Another big advance is that I can now custom create grouping on screen and show you exactly what they will look like!

Ten NEW Panoramas Released:

I really like creating panoramas. There's something about the very wide aspect ratio I find very appealing.

These ten new pieces come in two sizes, 40 x 10 inch images size and 30 x 7 inch image size. They are of course available both framed or unframed. If you are interested in more information about any of these new pieces, just let me know.

Art in the Real World:

Once again, one of our great clients sent me a photo of "My art in their world".

We worked with Steve and Ellen in creating a great grouping for them that fit their needs. They selected "Through the Garden Window", "Garden Bench" and "Through the Garden Gate" as a triple group. We then framed up all three in the same 3 inch hand distressed frame and now that they are installed in their home, I have to say, they look fantastic -- well done!

Many thanks to Steve and Ellen for sharing this!

Introducing "January Thaw":

Before going away last Winter I decided to do some local hiking on some of the icy trails here in the Niagara region. I invested in a set of ice cleats for these hikes because with all the freeze-thaw-freeze cycles we can get here, walking on these steep hills can be treacherous at best. The investment was well worth it in terms of personal safety and the opportunity it gave me to explore.

I struck gold on one of the hikes when I was able to position myself in such a manner to compose this capture we now know as "January Thaw"

This piece just went on the wall here in the gallery yesterday. We have created the image in three sizes, all to match our very popular series of "Winding Rapids", "Autumn Splendor", and "Autumn Falls". As you can see, "January Thaw" can stand all on its own, or it also makes a wonderful companion to the original series as shown below.

For more information on this exciting new release, just give me a call at 905-562-0068, or toll-free at 866-211-9799

Planning Our Next Adventure:

Oh New Zealand, I just can't get enough of you.....

Yes, we are headed back for our third excursion to New Zealand. This time we will be exploring the Northlands district which will take us North of Auckland and all the way past the Bay of Islands, Doubtless Bay and finally up to Cape Reinga at the extreme top of the country.

We have most of the basic details planned now and we are of course looking forward to yet another outstanding excursion and of course seeing our Kiwi mates again!

I have just purchased a new video camera for Joyce so she can capture me, capturing New Zealand. I'm looking forward to creating more great videos to share with you!

We will be away for the month of February, but the gallery will be open for at least half of the month. As we get closer to the Winter I will give you exact open and close dates for the gallery.

Well I think that is about it for now. So to recap, we have had another great season, and I thank everyone that made that possible. We have some outstanding new pieces on display and I'd love to see you pop in for a viewing. If you cannot make it in to the gallery, just let me know and I'll do whatever I can to help you!

Most sincerely,


The Kenneth Lane Smith Gallery
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Points of View

This is one of my favorites for a number of reasons.

While travelling through the Caribbean in 2007 we stopped into Fort de France on the French island of Martinique which looking at the map below, we can see it is in the southern Caribbean between the islands of Dominica and St.Lucia.

For those that haven't been to Martinique, I believe it is as "Old World France" as you are going to experience outside of the actual country of France. The streets are as you would expect, extremely narrow, just wide enough for a single lane of traffic. That physical limitation does not seem to stop some from "trying" to make it into a 2 lane thoroughfare. So maybe they have to drive up on the sidewalk to get where they are headed. A minor detail apparently.

The streets are populated with a wonderful mixture of commercial establishments selling everything one would expect in a busy European downtown, including what seems to be a baguette shop on every corner. Because Martinique is a territory of France, products from the "mainland" are plentiful and there is a certain "electricity" in the air so-to-speak making you feel as if you have just travelled back in time.

Some of the streets further away from the commercial shopping district are mainly residential in nature, but again, the efficient use of real estate so often seen in the Caribbean carries on in those area too. I suppose one has no choice but to get along with their neighbours who are clearly in close quarters. I imagine that there is no such thing as family secrets here.

I came across what we now call "Three Points of View" on one of these narrow "Rues" while exploring the city that day and while I saw a number of similar compositions of windows, some with shutters, some without, it was this one that immediately caught my attention.

In much of my work I use a technique which I call "A Study in Contrasts" where I look for scenes with a mix of dark vs light, calm vs calamity, and in this case, soft vs textured. The rough texture of the cement parging and exposed brickwork is contrasted with the smooth surface of the mahogany shutters. I find scenes with these opposites very attractive.

As an artist I can allow myself the freedom to "imagine". My imagination is influenced not only by physical world around me, but I think there is a also bit of romance mixed in there too. When I saw these three windows, I was struck by the fact that only one of the shutters was open. Had they all been open, or closed, I would have walked right by without giving it any thought. But the fact that only one shutter was open, now that was intriguing!

I can imagine one or maybe many people through the years, elbows resting on the window sill having a friendly chat with a passer by. Or maybe it wasn't so friendly. Maybe it was more chastising than chat! Who knows?

All of these details real and otherwise are what inspires me to try to capture what I see in front of me. In this case I think I was successful.

Where Did The Name "Three Points of View" Come from?

My wife Joyce is an incredibly important part of this business. Along with designing the framing solutions for all of our canvases, she does the actual framing of every piece as well. She also handles what I call "a thousand invisible jobs" that are not always seen, but are vital to the business. If that wasn't enough, she is also the one that comes up with the names for all my pieces. I have seen her spend days trying to come up with just the right name for a piece. Such was the case here......... however as good as she is, sometimes things don't happen the way you want them to.

After about three days and nights of trying to come up with a name for this piece she was stumped. Nothing was coming.....

Now before I go any further, I have to tell you that thank goodness Joyce is so good at coming up with names because quite frankly, I am hopeless at it. If it was left to me, I might have a collection with exotic titles like, "Flower One, Flower Two, Bird One, Bird Two..... you get the idea. Hey, you can't be good at everything!

So, where did "Three Points of View" come from? Well amazingly enough, after three days of trying Joyce said, "I honestly can't think of the right name for this". Somehow, some way, I blurted out, "Three Points of View" with absolutely zero thought behind it. "That's it" she said! Now to this day I don't know if she really thought it was the perfect name or if she was just too exhausted from three days of thinking about it, but there you have it.

"Three Points of View" is a limited edition of only 100 canvases and as of this writing, the edition is getting very close to selling out.

For sizes and pricing please CLICK HERE, or call the gallery at 905-562-0068 for further information.

As the late, great Paul Harvey would say, "Now you know the rest of the story......"


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